In this constantly changing world of Medicare insurance, it’s common to feel like a mouse in an unknown maze while navigating the mounds of paper you are receiving from agents and carriers.

Medicare is one of the specific healthcare lines I specialize in. It is my goal at Health Insurance Advisor to carefully lead Medicare-eligible clients through the maze of carriers, healthcare styles, and prescription drug plans available. In addition to assisting with insurance aspects of Medicare, I have also assisted individuals in the process of contacting Social Security, the first step necessary to obtain Medicare insurance.

“Educating Medicare Consumers to Make Informed Choices” is how I approach every appointment. If a Medicare beneficiary is educated to the point of comfort on what is available and the process of enrollment, they will be confident moving through the process with ease.

Finally, every year during the Annual Enrollment Period, I make personal contact with each Medicare client to review their Prescription Drug Plan and other possible Medicare options. Finding the most cost-effective, quality carrier for the following calendar year is vital.

Some of the Medicare carriers I offer include:


I also offer Prescription Drug Plans from the following carriers: